Have you had difficulty getting a mobile phone contract?

Do you think you may have bad credit?

We can help maximise your chances of getting a mobile phone contract with bad credit accepted!

Our site is dedicated to providing the resources to help you get the best mobile contract to suit your needs. Read our getting accepted guide and then choose your preferred mobile phone retailer, network of type of phone by choosing one of the popular makes of phones listed below.

Or if you want to find the best value deals from the millions of mobile phone deals that are updated on a daily basis within our phone contract comparison engine go to our latest bad credit contract deals page and browse the deals on offer.

We also now compare the best refurbished phone contract deals on the market. These type of contracts are often much cheaper than standard mobile contracts and include a free mobile phone along with generous allocations of free call minutes, texts and data allowance.


Is there such as thing as a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

If you have been looking for a guaranteed phone contract online you will likely have read various websites stating that there is no such thing as a guaranteed phone contract and that there is no such thing as a no credit check phone contract. This is actually not true.

The majority of mobile networks or retailers will require a customer to take a credit check as part of the application process (some credit checks being more difficult to pass than others), but there is one retailer that explicitly states that they offer a guaranteed phone contract to applicants over the age of 18 even if they have been turned down for a contract elsewhere, in other words they specialise in phone contracts for bad credit. Unfortunately, the guaranteed deals from the provider have ceased for the time being, but once we are notified that they are available, we will provide details.

I have bad credit but want a contract phone. What are my options?

You may want to initially address the issue of your bad credit status first. By acknowledging what has caused the bad credit and fixing it you will likely stand a much better chance of having a contract application accepted.

If you are satisfied that your credit status is the best that you can make it and you require a contract phone immediately then you will want to maximise your chances of having your application accepted so that means you could –

1. Apply to an online mobile phone shop that is known to pass more bad credit applications than other retailers. From past experience we have listed the three best mobile phone shops for accepting bad credit customers on our get accepted page.

Currently the three phone shops that accept the most bad credit contract applications are (in order of best first) –

Affordable Mobiles
Mobile Phones Direct