Have you struggled to get a phone contract in the past? We can help you.

The contract deals that are listed below are the best value mobile contracts on the market as generated by our contracts comparison engine which updates with the latest deals each day from millions of different options some of which include guaranteed mobile phones such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and 6, along with the latest Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7.

Most of the deals we list are contracts that provide a free mobile phone as part of the contract so if you have bad credit you do not need to worry about having to place a large deposit for a mobile phone.

Each mobile operator will have their own specific application criteria with many requiring a credit check (of varying difficulty) so if you are applying for expensive contracts with top of the range free phones bundled into the deal then the application criteria will likely be higher than they would if you applied for a more modest phone on a cheaper contract so no credit check phone contracts may be difficult to find for the very top smartphones on the market.

There are companies that do specialise in phone contracts for bad credit which do offer no credit check contracts and guaranteed mobile phones. Our preferred provider has stopped offering guaranteed phone contracts for the time being (we will let you know when the option becomes available again). Another company that has a high percentage of bad credit phone contract applications being accepted is The Smartphone Company.

If you have bad credit and want to apply for one of the top value deals, take a look at our comprehensive FAQ’s section below which provides details on how you can maximise your chances of having your phone contract application accepted and you too could get a phone contract with bad credit.


Can I get a mobile phone contract if I have bad credit?

If you have bad credit it is still possible to get a mobile phone on contract. There are a small selection of providers that in our experience accept more applications from customers with bad credit so if your credit is poor, you might want to start with looking at deals from them. For more information see our get accepted page.

How do you get cashback on your mobile phone contract?

There are a variety of phone shops that offer cashback (sometimes called redemption) as part of selected mobile phone contracts. When you factor in the cashback on offer direct from the phone shop the total lifetime cost of the contract can be very low.

Basically how cashback tends to work is that you will take out a selected phone contract online that gives you cashback and throughout the lifetime of your contract you will receive lump sums back from the provider. The proviso is that you will usually need to supply evidence of paid mobile bills and send them off quarterly (timeframes can vary) to the phone shop, and within the deadline for you to get the cashback. If you do not follow the stipulations laid out by the phone shop you risk not getting your cashback.

Although it can be slightly inconvenient to have to send off your paid bills, it is worth doing as you can make substantial savings on your phone contract, sometimes as much as £10 per month cheaper!

How long does it take to apply?

Are there guaranteed mobile phone contracts even if I have bad credit?

There is such a thing as a guaranteed mobile phone contract. Not many companies offer them however, and our preferred supplier is currently not accepted applications on their guaranteed mobile phone contract program. Once the option becomes available again we will add in the details of how to apply, so check back often!

How do I select the best deal?

Before you decide to take out a mobile phone contract you should decide what your contract priorities are and base your decision on that.

There are a number of important things to take into account which include -

1. How much does the contract cost per month and over the full term of the contract?

2. Is there a special deal applied to the contract such as a redemption offer which can mean in order to qualify for a reduced monthly line rental you must submit details of your bill (typically each quarter) back to the phone provider and they will credit a portion of your bill back to you.

3. Is there a specific type of phone that you would like to get as part of the contract?

4. Is there a cost for the phone or is it bundled free of charge (sometimes providers will ask for a contribution towards the phone and this usually means you will get a cheaper monthly line rental).

5. Would you favour a particular mobile network? (This is important because you need to apply for a phone on a network that has coverage in your area otherwise you won&#39t be able to get much use out of your phone package.

6. Consider whether it is necessary to get a 3G or a 4G contract. (A 4G contract would deliver data transfer speeds at much faster levels than a 3G contract so Internet browsing on your phone would be much faster - provided that you had a strong 4G signal in your area).

7. Calculate how many minutes, texts and hours spent web browsing you would do on your phone per month. Once you have a rough idea you will be able to focus on contracts that include the free minutes, free texts and free Internet that you think you would need each month.

Which retailers offer the best bad credit phone contracts?

We have listed the best mobile phone providers and networks for people that have bad credit on our get accepted page. You might want to read the guide at the bottom of that page which provides a checklist detailing some steps to take to help your chances of being accepted for a phone contract with poor credit.

What phone handsets are available?

We have a comparison engine that compares the deals from all of the main online mobile phone retailers and we update the best deals from all of them on this page on a daily basis. A small sample of the phone models that you can compare include the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy s4, Galaxy s5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 amongst others.

Can I get a free gift on a bad credit contract?

There are deals that offer free gifts as part of the contract which range from gift vouchers to games consoles and televisions. Keep an eye on the deals page for special offers.

Will I need to pass a credit check to get a mobile phone contract?

To qualify for a mobile phone contract that includes a free phone it is most likely that you would need to pass a credit check. There are some providers that operate a no credit check phone contract scheme but the vast majority of networks and phone retailers will need you to pass a credit check before passing your application. Some providers are more rigorous in their credit checks than others and credit checks for more expensive phones and contracts can have more stringent criteria applied. So if you are concerned that you will not pass a credit check then you may want to choose a cheaper phone and contract to improve your chances of being passed.

What happens if my application for a phone contract is refused?

If you have applied for a phone contract and you have been rejected then try to find out the reasons for your rejection. It might be something simple that you would be able to rectify and then try again with another provider.

Alternatively, if you already have a mobile phone that you are happy with you could apply for a SIM only contract instead and use your current phone. The credit check to pass a SIM only contract is easier than for a standard phone contract because a free phone is not being bundled as part of the contract so there is less inherent risk to the retailer if the customer defaults on payment. Once you have been using a SIM only contract for a while you might be able to upgrade to a full mobile phone contract because you have proved that you are credit worthy by paying your monthly SIM only bill with no problems.

How fast could I get a new phone?

Applying for a phone contract online will take a matter of minutes and provided that you apply before a cut off time (usually around 5pm although this can vary between providers) you will normally qualify for a free next day delivery.

Will I need to pay an upfront deposit for a phone?

There are some deals that will require you to pay a deposit towards the cost of the contract phone, whilst there are other contracts which will offer a free mobile phone as part of the contract. Generally speaking, the worse your credit, the more likely it is that you will need to make a financial contribution towards the phone.

It is not unknown to apply for a contract and the phone shop will require that in order to pass their credit checks you must make a contribution towards the phone so be aware that this

What networks could I get a phone on?

Our comparison engine analyses millions of mobile phone deals from all the main networks and provides you with the best value deals on the market for you to choose from. If you would like to choose are recommended mobile network have a look at our recommendations at http://www.refused.org.uk/get-accepted/

How about a refurbished phone?

We compare deals for refurbished or sometimes called reconditioned phones as well as brand new phones. Due to the fact that they are reconditioned you could get yourself a bargain as there will often be no upfront fee for the phone and the monthly contract price will usually be cheaper. This makes a refurb phone a great choice if you are concerned about having poor credit.

One thing to consider is that refurbished phones aren't simply old style phones in poor condition, you will find that most look brand new and you will have the pick of top range smartphones. The reason for this is that some providers consider a phone that has been returned within a 7 day cooling off period as a refurb phone. So you could get a phone that is barely a week old!