iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c is a more affordable version of the popular new iPhone range, but it is still a very powerful and fully featured phone that will fulfil the needs of users. The fact that the iPhone 5c is a mid-range iPhone model means that there is a greater chance of having a contract application accepted if you have bad credit.

You will have the pick of the choice of all the main UK networks and phone shops as they all stock the iPhone 5c. For the first time, Apple have given the iPhone a range of bright colours to choose from so you could pick up an iPhone 5c in white, blue, yellow, pink or green. Free next day delivery is offered as standard from most online retailers.

Do not expect to find guaranteed iPhone 5c contracts because in order to be accepted for a contract you will need to pass a credit check. The credit check varies between different providers so check our get accepted page to see which phone retailers pass the most bad credit customers in our experience and also check out our guides and FAQ's. We compare the latest iPhone 5c deals below.

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A review of the iPhone 5c on bad credit contracts.
iPhone 5c Bad Credit
Date Published: 09/10/2014
5 / 5 stars

The iPhone 5c was released along with the 5s and they are both the most recent versions of the popular iPhone range of phones.


The iPhone 5c has the same appearance in terms of the actual shape as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but the obvious difference is that the 5c comes in a wide range of vibrant colours. Traditionally iPhones have been produced in pretty sober black or white, but now you can take you pick from pink, blue, white, yellow or green!

For the style conscious out there getting the right colour to complement your style could be a big decision, but the trade-off for some is that the body of the iPhone is made from plastic rather than the luxurious aluminium of the 5s. This is understandable as this model is aimed at a lower cost version of an iPhone so to keep the costs down, the aluminium has been swopped for plastic. In some ways this could be considered as a benefit as plastic can be shockproof if dropped and less susceptible to damage.

Apple also have a large range of colourful cases to complement the 5c so if you do tire of the particular colour you have chosen you can grab a colourful case to suit your mood.


The iPhone 5c is very much like the iPhone 5 with a few important tweaks. The processor within the 5c is the dual-core 1.3Ghz A6 and it has 1GB of RAM on-board which is also the same as the iPhone 5. Therefore, if you already have an iPhone 5 and you are considering upgrading then you may want to think about looking at the iPhone 5s because the incremental upgrades from the 5 to the 5c are arguably quite small.


The 5c has the exact same screen specifications as the iPhone 5s so by opting for the cheaper 5c you are not losing any precious screen size or resolution. You still get the amazing Retina screen that is so admired amongst Apple fans.


The rear facing camera on the 5c is the same 8 megapixel camera as the 5s with the same high levels of performance. However, there is a slight drop in quality in the front facing camera, although unless you heavily use FaceTime this should not be a major issue.


The battery within the iPhone 5c is non removable because the phone chassis is made from moulded plastic so if a new batter is needed you would need to send it back to Apple. This is familiar territory for previous iPhone users because this has always been the case.

The battery performance is strong without being outstanding. It is slightly down based on the 5s which is understandable given that it is a cheaper phone. Again, if you have been an iPhone user in the past you should be used to having to charge your phone once a day. This is no great hardship as the latest iPhone,s come with lightning connector ports which means the phone charges much faster than the older style iPhones with the larger connection ports.


The iPhone 5c is a solid iPhone upgrade from Apple. The vibrant new colours will certainly be popular with the fashion conscious and the 5c retains all that is good about the iPhone which entails a great camera, fabulous screen, intuitive usability and an app store that contains 100,s of thousands of apps. For those with bad credit looking to get a mobile contract, the iPhone 5c is a cheaper version of the iPhone 5s so it may be easier to pass the credit check for a 5c contract if you have decided that you want an iPhone contract.


Height - 4.9 inches
Width - 2.33 inches
Thickness - 8.97mm
Weight 132 grams
Available colours - Green, Pink, Blue, White, Yellow

Size (diagonal) - 4 inches
Type - IPS LCD
Resolution - 1136 px x 640 px
PPI - 326

Wi-Fi support - 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4

Manufacturer - Apple
Model - A6 (1.3 GHz dual-core)

RAM size - 1 GB
RAM type - DDR2

Internal hard drive - 16 GB or 32 GB

Resolution - 8 megapixels
Resolution (front camera) - 1.2 megapixels
Flash - LED
Focus - Autofocus
Video capture - 1080p

Version - Apple iOS 7

Headphone jack - 3.5mm
Video out - Yes
Charging port - Lightning

Capacity - 1510 mAh
Use time - 250 hours standby/10 hours talktime/40 hours music playback